In this crazy world, we are all living in at the moment, we go through stages of lockdowns, and we all face time at home. So with the possibility of some spare time on our hands, I am writing this blog to help you with a closet detox and how best to organise your wardrobe.

I don’t know about you, but it’s a job that can end up taking more time than you think, so below, I’ve given you some of my top tips on how to get the best results from your closet.
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Clothes for All Seasons

Think of the things you do in your life – there’s your social life, your work life, your family life, and there are other public and private parts of your life, ALL of which you need clothes for!

With all this action going on you’d be forgiven if part of your wardrobe is in need of an overhaul.

Together let’s review it, and see what areas of your wardrobe need improvement, what needs revamping, and what parts are satisfactory as they are right now.


What’s in your wardrobe? 

Crammed full, but you still have nothing to wear?

Have you considered how much all those clothes, taking up valuable space, have cost you?  Are they earning their keep?

Do you know how to create outfits with what you already have?

Let’s go shopping in your closet! Don’t waste money buying any more clothes, you may already have what you want it’s just that you’ve forgotten about it.

That’s a common thing I’ve noticed when going through wardrobes, is that so many of us forget what we own.

A closet is a space for valuable things, not an archive of past memories!

Think about that quote when looking through your wardrobe.  How many items are still in it years after a fashion has passed?

How ordered or organised is your wardrobe?

I’ve just moved house, and the first thing I changed in the new place was the basic wardrobes in my master bedroom. In my previous home I invested in a well-thought-out practical, organised closet, so this was a non-negotiable with my husband when we found this home!

Within a week, I had new IKEA ones fitted and I couldn’t have been happier.


“I need to store my clothes away with ease. I enjoy getting dressed now, having a well designed layout helps me put my outfits together.” 
It’s interesting how we manage and order our clothes in our wardrobe space. Spending a few hours inside a client’s wardrobe, I see how people organise them in so many different ways.

Like most women, we have very little time to dress and style ourselves in the morning rush. We also know that feeling confident and empowered comes from dressing well, and enjoying the whole process. I, too, benefit a lot when my wardrobe is well organised.
If your clothing is set out without any sense of order, it is harder to find new ways of putting your outfits together. You are less likely to see all the options of what goes with what.

A personalised system, that makes it easy for you to find items or accessories, is also a good system that encourages you to put things away in the right place, rather than letting things pile up on your bed or floor, or allowing stuff to get shoved into a closet here, there and everywhere!

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Below are my top tips on a better organised wardrobe.

If you would like a more personalised approach, send me an email or contact me via my website.

1. Declutter your wardrobe of worn-out and dated outfits. My easy tip – imagine you are the item from a thrift shop – is it in good enough condition for you to buy back? If not, let it go.

2. How you organise your wardrobe will be influenced by its layout – hanging or folding space, lots of different hanging areas, or just one long bar. What is important is that you figure out a way of storing your items so they are easy to access and it keeps them in some sort of order so it’s easier for you to get dressed.

3. Decide on your layout based on how many garments you have in each clothing category (pants, tops, skirts, dresses etc.).

4. Put in order each type of garment by colour. I start at white and work my way through to black via the rainbow (red/pink/orange/yellow/green/blue/violet/brown/grey/black). With patterns, put it into the colour section of the most dominant colour in the design.

Here is an example of using a patterned skirt. Imagine running this skirt along with your organised wardrobe by colour of tops and finding this range of options to go with it.

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5. An extra minute when hanging your clothes in their colour/type order will save you a lot of time and stress in the morning when getting dressed, as you’ll never be searching for that white top or black pants in amongst everything else. If it’s not in your white or black section, then it’s in the laundry. Simple!

Ordering your clothes in type and colour is the easiest way to see more outfit options. You can take a coloured or patterned item and find all the other pieces that go with it quickly.


6. I put my shoes in drawers to keep them dust-free and tidy. I don’t like to keep my shoes in shoe boxes because I can’t be bothered placing them back in the box.  And, as I’m short I have my shoes low so I can see them. I used to keep them in boxes up high and I could never be bothered to change them or get stored ones out to wear.

With my shoes in drawers, it’s not difficult to put them away. If you have a lot of shoes in boxes, sticking a picture of the shoes on the outside of the box will help you identify which ones are in that box, saving you precious time.

7. The accessory organisation is another aspect of wardrobing. I like to hang my accessories and statement necklaces in my closet to see and pick out my choice for the day storage solutions, ikea wardrobes, personal stylist Melbourne, stylist, Mornington, colour expert, holistic image blog


8. I do love my pull-out jewellery trays, it makes it easy to choose the right one for an outfit.

9.Underwear, jumpers, cami’s, and activewear can be folded. I love the Marie Kon method of folding. No more untidy stacks and drawers, no more losing your clothes underneath other bits and pieces. Fold only those clothes that are too delicate for hanging. I use IKEA storage solutions for underwear and bras, socks, and sleepwear to keep it all together inside my drawers. Shelves, baskets, or boxes make great alternative options for extra storage.

10. Update or purchase new storage items such as wooden coat hangers, skirt and trouser hangers, clear shoe boxes to make your wardrobe storage work better and help finish off your closet.
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Another option is to hang a complete outfit together, like a shirt and top, trousers and shirt.  Doing this means they are ready to pull out the closet as a ready-to-wear outfit to save time each morning.

This system is quick, but not versatile as it removes items out of rotation limiting wearing those pieces in other outfits. When your closet is arranged by outfit it can be hard to mix-and-match what you already own, and you may not discover new ways to make your wardrobe work.

A good option is to plan your week with your outfits prepared. This is a great idea if you know what you are doing during the week, and who you are seeing. I suggest this to busy working mums as it cuts down stress and overwhelm in the mornings.

Just spend 20 minutes on a Sunday preparing for the week ahead – you’ll be surprised how easy it makes life. You will walk out of the door each morning ready for action and feeling style confident.

For clothes you wear more often store them in the most accessible area of your wardrobe. Out-of-season clothes and garments you only wear a few times a year should be stored toward the back and on the upper shelves, or even under the bed if you have limited wardrobe space, or in another room.


Wardrobe Audits

Why have a wardrobe audit?

* To evaluate what you have.

*Eliminate what’s not working.

*Plan to find what you need.

*Shop, let’s fill the gaps.

*Style the clothes you have, let’s shop your wardrobe.


* Less Stress.

* Look Better.

* Enhanced Self-Esteem and Confidence.

* Saves Money.

* Save Time.

De-clutter Your Wardrobe

A wardrobe audit will ensure that all the clothes you own work for you not against you, and eliminate taking up valuable space. Once we’ve looked at all the clothes you own we’ll also create a list of clothes that you need to buy to make your wardrobe work again, plus develop systems to keep your closet organised

Frequently, I discover items that the owner completely forgot they’d bought. This is particularly common when there are multiple garments on hangers or big drawers where clothes get lost under each other.

This is why I recommend you de-clutter and shop your wardrobe before you hit the stores, especially if you think you have a need for something new.  You could be spending money unnecessarily. If you’ve shopped your wardrobe beforehand you will discover your ‘wardrobe holes’ so you’ll be clear on what you need to buy. But before you dash to the shops, take a moment to discover the hidden gems in your closet.

If you would like a more personalised approach, send me an email or contact me via my website.

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