“How to attract more without working harder.”

“How to attract more without working harder.”

Become a super attractor and manifest more!

$101.00 (plus GST)

I’ll be sharing my knowledge on how you can shift from chasing to attracting, from struggle to more ease, and from fear to confidence. 

This is a rare opportunity to uplevel for a great value price, and I intend you will walk away with valuable insights & clarity on how you can be better at attracting more into your life.

Do you want more love, money, clients or better health?

This live webinar is perfect for you if you’re looking to manifest more into your life, because it will teach you the top actions to take to understand how to attract like a pro!

I invite you to this manifesting webinar so that you can change your life for the better.

I believe in this work because it has changed my life. It also has the power to change yours.

If you don’t learn how to manifest what you want for your life – life will choose for you! The truth is that it’s an inside job….and the good news is that it’s easier than you might think.

Learning the art of manifesting with theta healing and embodiment activations will give you a positive mindset around asking, creating and activating what you want into your life now.

Look, I get it. It’s not for everyone. It might not be for you. But if you’re someone that’s feeling the struggle, you get to step up and make the commitment to more right now. It’s your chance to start creating an abundant life for yourself, your loved ones, and your dreams.

You owe it to yourself to heal your blocks around manifesting and step into the person you KNOW you’re meant to be so you can make a difference in your world.

On 20th Feb 2020, I held a vision board workshop in my studio for 7 women.  On that evening, I wanted to manifest over a million dollars. By the end of that year, I had achieved that! Which I can tell you feels incredible!! I would love for YOU to have that experience too!  This was crazy for my family and me. 

The more I worked on clearing my money blocks, and the faster things shifted for me! Plus, I was open to how that money came in. This is because the work I do gets to the core of why your manifesting is not flowing in the way you would like it to be.

I want this for you too, so I will share the actions with you on this webinar which I only use for my private platinum clients.

Claire Gorman Image Coach

We will cover;

    • The key points to understanding how manifesting works
    • Creating an energy vortex for your abundance.
    • Personal Activation to become a super attractor.
    • Energy clearing to release self-doubt and sabotage.
    • Activating your vision board dreams. (Please come to the webinar with the goals you want to manifest them)
    • Find your unconscious fears, negative beliefs and blocks that are stopping you from receiving more.
    • Let go of old identities
    • Rebalance your giving & receiving energy channels

$101.00 (plus GST)


Don’t panic if you can’t make the live masterclass.

A recording will be uploaed into a portal for ongoing access.

It is a 90 minutes masterclass.

Yes the replay will be as affective as the live.

This masterclass is for you to use as your manifesting manual, every time you want to manifest use the healing and activation meditation.

This Meditation & Masterclass payment will increase after the event.

Let’s make this happen and take action today

$101.00 (plus GST)