Shifting Timelines To

Create A


Quantum Jump

‘Shifting Timelines’

– To make reality what you wish it to be. 

Move your conciousness to a whole new level and another version of a future reaility.

Claire offers you a totally unique experiance tailored to your specific business desires. Using my intuitive and Empowerment Coaching skills, together we access your Akashic Records connect with divine guidance.

We will focus on creating-

Awareness, clarity and direction- time to say goodbye to procrastination.

Aligment, bringing you rapid transformation which is soul lead to create the right vision for your business.

Manifesting from soul –  bring your grand vision into what your heart really desires.

“I  love creating a difference in my clients lives by sharing my intuition.”


This half day experiance is for women who want to feel empowered in their business. They want to move forward with bold steps toward success!

I am here for you as i show you how to create your roadmap to clear results- it’s time that your business reflects who truly matters most: YOU!

Maybe, you are here to find your life purpose, gain clarity on the next step forward or help find confidence in yourself so you can show up and claim what is best for yourself, your business, and your future?

I rapidly transformed my business growth by using energy healing, quantum jumping and intuitive guidance, resulting in amazing insights, I now use my techniques and skills to help lead other women towards great success.

We all need someone along this journey who understands where they’re coming from—and how important it may be at times like these just for anyone seeking guidance when there seems no end in sight!

My experience in offering clients this half-day private immersion session, creates breakthroughs and insights like you have never experianced, moving us to a whole new level.

Let’s help you move forward with more clarity and less stress and in a fraction of the time!


Shifting Timelines is a half-day program designed to help women business owners find the roadmap to what they want to envision from their lives.

Whether you’re looking for clarity on your next step, or just need some assistance getting started with creating change in the way that feels right most of all – ‘Shifting Timelines’ has something unique to offer and experience.

Are You Ready to explore what that is?

 Then I am ready to assist you with me intuitively supporting you.

Let’s move you forward by using my intuitive knowledge and wisdom on an energetic level.


“I love to empower women and help them create a difference in their lives. I especially enjoy working with women who want change and freedom, as that is what I have experienced myself”.

I promise…a thought-provoking and inspiring session, which will be a time of learning and discovery. You’ll feel changes on many levels as you gain insights about your own intuition as well as getting some clear actions steps as we move you forward.

I look forward to welcoming you on the clarity call!


 “The Shifting Timelines session was nothing like I have ever experinced in business, if I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say it was intuitive, soul based strategic planning!”

“Claire took me through a guided meditation where we examined my business on a timeline of 2,5,10 years. It prompted me to ask myself some tough questions, it made me laugh, cry, get goosebumps and everything in between. I am very much a ‘head’ person, and so I wanted to use my heart more and this half day experience helped me do this.”

Emma McQueen

“Claire provides intuitive transformative coaching that helps you uncover your blind spots and unleash your potential. Transformational energy coaching for soul-led entrepreneurs who want to change the world. Claire is an insightful guide who will help you access your inner wisdom and step into your power. If you’re looking for a coach who will help you create energy and belief shifts and supports you wholeheartedly on your journey, Claire is definitely your girl!”

“Claire is an extraordinary coach. Her insight and care in each session creates massive shifts. I look forward to each session- I love that I never know where they will go. I could not do the work I do without the work she does.”

Shifting Timelines- Quantum Jump 

Intuitive Immersion Session

What’s included:

Pre Consultation Call, Consultation Form 

3 hour Private Immersion with Intuitive Channelling with Claire

Recored Session; emailed to you directly after for notes and to rewatch

Claire’s 1:1 ‘Shifting Timelines’ has been created for fast acceleration and transformation.