Forgiveness Meditation


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The act of forgiving or letting go with compassion.

Listen as Claire guides you through the Forgiveness Meditation.

One thing that we do know is that thoughts are real things. Thoughts move faster than the speed of light and make changes. The whole experiment can change with thoughts. Since thoughts are mighty, it is essential to make sure that your thoughts are positive.
The best thing we can do is clear out negative thought energy in our minds through forgiveness.

In ThetaHealing®, forgiveness is the highest form of protection. It has such a high vibration and healing. If you want to heal quickly, start with the forgiveness process. I do understand that sometimes forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do. But it is a virtue that we have to learn in this life.

The first step is to make an actual list of everyone that ever hurt you or your feelings—anyone that you think might in some way need forgiveness. This list could be anyone at any age. It could be your mother, your father, brother, sister, or even yourself. Using a mediation technique to access the theta brain wave, we can send negative thought forms away with the forgiveness exercise. The theta brain wave is intense and can reach your subconscious very easily.

In this meditation, you imagine the person that hurt your feelings, and you are going to tell them why they hurt your feelings, what they did to you, and how it affected you. If they care, they are going to say that they are sorry. If they don’t watch on a subconscious and spiritual level, they will disappear into dust, and their negative energy can no longer affect you. If, after you tell them everything that they did, you say the words, “I forgive you,” and they are still standing there, then there is something that you need to learn from that experience. In this mediation, you need to imagine the person who hurt you, their negative energy, thought, or negative doing that is taking up power in your mind, and clear it. Anytime you give hatred to someone or resentment, they are taking your energy—and you want to have plenty of power.

If you are going to send forgiveness to yourself, the process is the same and will help you with regret. We are way too hard on ourselves, and sometimes the best person is to start with forgiveness is you. You are going to tell yourself what you did to hurt yourself. A lot of time, that hurt comes with regret. We make a lot of decisions that we regret and can take us a long time to clear. Regret is the brain’s way of keeping you from moving forward. As long as you regret something, you don’t have to go ahead. This process will help you clear many negative thoughts out of your mind so your subconscious can be focused on creating and not trying to correct the past. This is one of the things the subconscious does, update the past and fix things that are not right. When you re-centre yourself and clear the old energy, you can start creating.

This meditation on forgiveness will be good to use as a bonus healing for you.

You may need to work on forgiveness multiple times. Forgiveness is the quickest way to move your self into a higher vibration and energy. Go to the meditation part in the program and listen to the forgiveness energy clearing & healing meditation. This meditation will clear the old emotions that hold you to the patterns, stories or person / people.

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