Elevate Membership


When you join the Elevate Meditation Library, you become a member of an exclusive group of women working together to raise their energy and vibration. Every month, Claire uses her intuition to create energy meditations to clear old patterns and work on aspects of your life that need to be raised into a higher vibration and energy. You’ll have access to many guided meditations and intuitive teachings.

What’s Included in the Meditation Library:

  • 12 powerful 60 – 90 minutes of healing downloads and activations.
  • 15 individual 30-minute meditations
  • 6 bouns healings
  • 15 unique 15 minutes power me meditations
  • Monthy cards readings and energy overview
  • Coaching & Journaling questions to open up your capacity to ‘Elevate.’

All bonus meditations are recorded and ready for immediate use.

The healing and energy clearings will be put into the portal each month, and the different meditations will be designed to “up-level” you and your life positively.

Claire will channel the meditations and healing around what needs to be elevated into a higher vibration and energy for that month—tuning into the collective energy force.


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