What is Personal street style?

Your Personal Street style provides more immediately actionable inspiration and has continued to increase its market share of our attention, which is only natural. While the catwalk fashion designers predict trends that will only become relevant in several months’ time, street style fashionista’s are wearing items of clothing that are available in high street stores or even op shops!

Creating fabulous styling tricks and trends that you too can re-create for yourself. That’s why I do my research before I hit the shops, it saves me so much time from wondering around with no clue what to look for. My personal style Inspo mainly comes from Pinterest, it’s an easy tool to find what the colours and styles are coming into stores that season. So Ultimate Gray & Illuminating Yellow being the colour of the year is likely to be everywhere any minute now, more so than it is already. Just keep scrolling to see some great options.

ultimate grey illuminating yellow ss 2021 Pantone colour of the year fashion style blog

By finding your colours that are due in shops gives me the opportunity to work out what and if I need to invest that season – it has been my best colours over the last year and a half, but sadly the biggest trend for 2021 Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow are not so flattering for me, the grey and yellow work wonders for a cool skin tone.

Are you interested in what colours will align with you and make you feel like a million dollars? Let me show you how I can do this by determining the right colour palette that will suit you for life. Together we can raise your energy vibration with just a few tweaks and bring that sparkle back in all its glory.

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Holistically colours can energise you, the radiant colour of yellow promotes happiness and optimism in the observer. Yellow is said to promote happiness more than any of the other major colour. Believed to have an influence on the left side of the human brain, yellow helps foster strong analytical thinking.

Grey represents neutrality and balance. Its colour meaning likely comes from being the shade between white and black. However, grey does carry some negative connotations, particularly when it comes to depression and loss. Its absence of colour makes it dull. If grey and yellow are not your ‘thing’ I have added other colours below that will be in our shops this year.


colours of the year 2021 Pantone spring summer styling ideas

Colour Analysis

The Personal Colour Analysis is key to looking your best all the time. Claire uses a variety of techniques to determine the colours that compliment your personal features. Discover the colours that work for you, not against you:

• look energised and youthful
• feel confident and happy
• enhance your best features
• make positive first impressions
• create an efficient and versatile wardrobe
• save time – in the shops and getting dressed
• save money – you’ll only buy colours that suit you

Be confident that your personalised colour wallet will include a large range of colours that will bring out the best in you!

More information on Colour Analysis with Claire and prices for this unique personal experience.

Colour Analysis consultation

“I transform women into the authentic & gorgeous person they were destined to be. I am passionate about effortless style and delivering the ‘feel good’ factor.” Claire Gorman

Let me help you!

It’s time to put yourself first. The internal transformation sessions guide you to find your inner authentic-self, the strength to make dramatic changes and the confidence to shine everyday.

Transforming on the outside, I not only help you find the right style and look to suit you, but teach and give you the confidence to shop like a style-pro and fall in love with clothes and looking great again. My unique colour analysis and style coaching is the roadmap to having the image you genuinely deserve to love.

“I’ve been helping women for over thirty years. EVERY woman can love her style and achieve the image of your dreams, you just need to be shown the way.” – Claire Gorman



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