Private Sessions

”Holistic Image is a Women’s Empowerment to Embodiment Coaching service. Combining energy healing with the removal of  self limmitting beliefs. Providing you a totally unique experiance tailored to your specific needs.” – Claire Gorman

I don’t just want to coach you with strategis and tactics that’s not me!
My Private Clients are Women who desire to…..
Become the confident leader that they are meant to be in the world without the fears of being held back by negative stories and blocks that they didn’t relise they had.
The Private Vortex of Tranasformation is all about personalised support and intuitive guidance just for you. We will look at how to transform and create a life and business full of abundance that you will love.
I want to help you rediscover your self-worth, and find the inner blocks you will be carrying around money, self worth, self doubt and up-level your life with an abundance mindset.
Let’s find that inner spark again, I will help you thrive not just survive.

Using my intuitive ThetaHealing® and Sacred Star™ Energy Healing skills, we focus on achieving what you really want in life. Intuitive personalised private coaching and support has powerful results. I run my business using intution and energy healing and my clients also love the results by using my sprituial guidance skills.

Each year I open up a limited number of private coaching spaces to support you in elevating your life and business. If this is for you I invite you to book in a clarity call and see if we are a good fit for each other!

I look forward to welcoming you on the call,

Much Love



Private Coaching is for


Women that want to feel empowered and move away from the hustle of  just surviving.

Women that want results and is willing to step out of the box, take responsibility for creating change. If you are ready to create changes then I am ready to help you.

Wanting to achieve more love, happiness, wellbeing and prosperity in their lives.

Women looking to discover their life purpose, gain clarity on the next step forward, or finding strength and confidence to create changes in life and their business. 

We will explore through intuition and guidance what that is and how you can get there whether that is to be less stressed, more visable without fear, have a more successful career, create more prosperity or learn to be more joyful.


Let Me Help You Get Into

Alignment- Women that want to create a life with grace and ease. You are done with the hustle and grind. Learn to connect to the feminie energy of reciving.

Abundance- Claim your true self worth and create overflow without the guilt and judgements.

Self Discovery- Remove the old stories and self sabotraging patterns. Clearing the illusions and limmitations you have put on yourself. Become the beautiful soul you are destined to be.




6 Months Gold Package

Private Coaching 

What’s Included in this six month container of transformation :

  • 1 x 60 mins Clarity Call to discuss goals
  • 1 x 90 mins kick-off session
  • 9 x 60 mins Private Healing / Coaching with Claire
  • Included direct text and email access with me for support during the time frame of sessions
  • Bespoke Sessions, working on your own persoanl goals & desires
  • 1 x Astrology session with Claire’s personal guide- your year’s overview.
  • Maintance & Energy Clearings during the six months, on you,home, family and pets.
  • Complimentary portal of guided meditations and energy healings and bespoke coaching questions.

“Claire is Amazing!”
I had heard great things about Claire Gorman’s work, so I decided to give her a try, I am so glad I did! In only a few sessions, I felt a huge change in my energy and outlook on life. I own a large retail company, which in itself is a very stressful job with little self-care time for myself. I hardly ever connected with my husband and teenage daughter and was always working hard. I was fed up with life and had lost my passion for business. After only a few sessions with Claire, I felt a huge change in my energy and outlook on life. Claire helped me to connect with my own body and intuition in a way that I never thought possible. Her embodiment of healing sessions has truly changed my life for the better. Now I have balance in my life by finding time for myself, my daughter, and my business. I feel more connected to my intuition and can better listen to what my body is telling me. I would highly recommend Claire Gorman to anyone who wants to improve their life in any way!

CEO- Rebecca Smith

Client    testimonials

“I have been a client of Claire’s for several years. Claire has built great client relationships with literally thousands of  women over her 30 years in her career. Her understanding of what makes people tick and desire to help her clients be the best versions of themselves makes her coaching and healing skills an obvious and powerful service to help other women. Claire has invested significantly in her own skills and personal development and practices what she preaches. I appreciate the individual care and attention Claire provides and the holistic approach she takes to helping me enhance my authentic image and achieve my life goals”


L. Watson

CEO – Peak Performance

“I wanted to find more clarity around my purpose and bringing in more prosperity via my business. Claire held a beautiful space. She did a lot of digging and I felt that she genuinely wanted to help me get some answers – which I really appreciated. She also brings elements of her psychic senses into the sessions which help. The sessions allowed me to get clear and confident with my souls purpose and mission, really trust that it is the right thing for me in my business and feel even more empowered to make the decisions I desire. Claire offers an element of humor too which made the sessions really friendly. She is easy to talk to and wants her client to genuinely shift. I am thankful and look forward to more.”


Sirin Ortanca 

Wellbeing & Life Alchemist.