Stand Out & Be Seen

This training will bring you awareness of how colour can benefit you in your career and business. Get the exact blueprint I use to help understand how the power of colour will help you gain colour confidence and set you up for success like it has done for me.

Let colours enhance you

This training will bring awareness to how colour can benefit you in your business and or career. 

Come alive with colour and present your best YOU to the world.

When you’re wearing the right colours, they work for you, not against you. 

By the END of this complimentary E-Learning online, you’ll be finding a new love affair with the power of
colour phycology and have the knowledge which colours make a powerful impression. 

Understand how to:

  • Use colour in all areas of your life.
  • Use the Psychology of colour and how it can benefit you in business and personal life.
  • Communicate with colour that is working for you rather than against you.
  • Wear colour combinations personalised to you.
  • Understanding the positive and negatives in wearing specific colours.
  • Use colour to connect with others. 

Understand How A Personal Colour Consultation Works

The Personal Colour Analysis is key to looking your best all the time.

Claire uses a variety of techniques to determine the colours that compliment your personal features.

Discover the colours that work for you, not against you:

• look energised and youthful
• feel confident and happy
• enhance your best features
• make positive first impressions
• create an efficient and versatile wardrobe
• save time – in the shops and getting dressed
• save money – you’ll only buy colours that suit you

Be confident that your personalised colour wallet will include a large range of colours that will bring out the best in you!